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At Continuant, we’ve built our business around unparalleled customer service.

Our customer-centered service culture is an essential part of who we are, and it drives our day-to-day operating philosophy.  Whether you are seeking maintenance and support for your legacy system, or looking for a partner to help you migrate to a Unified Communications solution, consider Continuant, the service leader.  We build long-lasting partnerships and collaborate with our customers to identify their unique needs, then work collaboratively to find innovative solutions.  We call it The power of choice®.

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Unparalleled Track Record of Service

For 17 years, Continuant has been serving the enterprise with OEM-independent maintenance and support of voice and data systems.  It has always been our mission to provide efficient, customer-focused, and cost-effective services to support voice and data equipment from multiple manufacturers.

When we started the business, it was clear to us that no single company or manufacturer placed post-installation service and support as its single highest priority. As a result, Continuant created a new business model based on the premise that customers have the right to receive maximum longevity and value from their technology investments. Continuant developed a portfolio of voice and data services independent from the manufacturer, designed to prevent downtime, protect investments, ensure accountability, and provide convenience for our customers.

And now, you can enjoy this same exceptional customer service if you need Managed Services or when you are ready to migrate to a Unified Communications solution.

Continuant Floor from MezzanineMarket Evolution

Continuant has a proven track record of leadership in delivering comprehensive maintenance solutions for enterprise communications systems. Initially offering installation and support services for traditional key and PBX systems, Continuant has expanded to address customer needs in other markets such as Unified Messaging and VoIP. As the network quickly evolved to become the backbone of company communications, and traditional voice and data became Unified Communications, Continuant developed new technologies and service offerings to fulfill the needs of our customers, including the new MyContinuant Customer Portal.